In 2016 at the GDC in San Francisco we showed a proof of concept of a full body Virtual Reality experience at the booth of Xsens – the Dutch specialist in full body motion capture.

On our way we to San Francisco  we visited “The Void” in Salt Lake City, where we were invited to experience their hyperreality free-roaming virtual reality experience.

This experience got us thinking and during the period to come we contacted our partners Xsens, Manus, XMG and Saxion University to kickstart our own full body virtual reality arena.


Project Myron was created by students of from the study program CMGT (Creative Media and Game Technologies) of the Saxion University of Applied Sciences and technology leaders The Virtual Dutch Men, Xsens, Manus VR and XMG. The goal was to combine all provided technologies and create an 8 player arena shooter experience in less than 5 months.

Multi-player Full-body Virtual Reality Arena Game

Project Myron can be hard to imagine, because it exists in a nether between the physical and virtual. It’s an immersive multi-user experience that needs to be seen in order to be truly understood. The VR game is situated in a future post-apocalyptic environment. All players participating in the real life location are brought together in Project Myron’s virtual environment. Their body- and head movement are synchronized over the network, which provides the player with a never-before seen level of body presence, not only for themselves but also for their teammates and opponents.

When played in an area that has sufficient space to move around in, the experience truly teleports the user to an arena that feels “out of this world”. Every real life movement feels natural in the virtual world as every tiny movement of the body, head and fingers is tracked. The world feels as if movement and interaction is limitless.


Technical Achievement

The Oculus Rift is wired to an XMG walker – a backtop computer designed specifically for virtual reality – which is strapped to the back of the player. The computer renders the graphics in real-time for every player and communicates all recorded data through the network between the other players in the arena, connecting all players in the virtual world. The experience was created in less than 5 months.


For this project we combined several different techniques from our technology partners:

Xsens: creators of high-end motion capture suits of the full body. Their technology is being used by Hollywood studios to create the best CG scenes for movies such as Ted, John Carter, X-Men, The Avengers and many more.

ManusVR: creators of high-end data gloves that bring intuitive interaction to virtual reality. Its unique design and cutting edge technology allows for truly immersive experiences by tracking your hands in real-time.

XMG: creators of the XMG Walker. The XMG Walker is not just a laptop in a backpack, it’s a fully mobile performance VR solution. The Walker enables the user to move free and untethered in the room while being easy to user for you and old due to its light weight.

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