Virtual Reality provides the opportunity to simulate realistic fire scenarios.

The Virtual Dutch Men have set up a modular platform ‘VR Fire Safety’ together with De Zorg Brandveilig – a platform of Healthcare branch organizations (Brancheorganisaties Zorg) and The Netherlands Fire Service (Brandweer Nederland) supported by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (WWS). This platform offers relevant fire training courses in Virtual Reality on a module basis. The training modules have been specially developed in consultation with safety coordinators and heads of emergency response teams of healthcare institutions and can be deployed flexibly.

Train employees using Virtual Reality

On-site fire training is often costly and difficult to measure: many people and resources are required to practice a scenario.

Training in Virtual Reality on the other hand is efficient, measurable and cost-effective. The user can safely visit a location in virtual reality and practice as often as possible. All actions can be properly measured during the training and evaluated per group of users or individually.

De Zorg Brandveilig

De Zorg Brandveilig is a platform of Healthcare branch organizations and The Netherlands Fire Service with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Together with De Zorg Brandveilig, The Virtual Dutch Men have previously developed a training application for GGZ Rivierduinen, a major mental healthcare provider in Zuid-Holland.

This VR training application has created considerable interest in training applications for various healthcare institutions. This interest is more generic, in contrast to the customized application of GGZ Rivierduinen.

GGZ Rivierduinen Virtual Reality

GGZ Rivierduinen is a major mental healthcare provider in Zuid-Holland. Its clients suffer from psychological and psychiatric problems. Ensuring an environment that complies with fire safety regulations is crucial. GGZ Rivierduinen sets the bar for fire safety extremely high.

Healthcare organizations have conducted intensive consultations about fire safety since a serious fire occurred in a mental healthcare clinic of GGZ Rivierduinen in Oegstgeest, in which three residents were killed. GGZ Rivierduinen complied with all laws and regulations in the field of fire safety. However, things still went wrong.

Lessons were learned from the research conducted by the Dutch Safety Board (Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid) and the recommendations of a study conducted by COT Institute for Safety Security and Crisis Management (Instituut voor Veiligheids- en Crisismanagement), which was commissioned by Brancheorganisaties Zorg. A Virtual Reality training application was developed together with De Zorg Brandveilig and The Virtual Dutch Men. GGZ Rivierduinen is one of the first healthcare institutions to put this into practice.

The training of VR Fire Safety is incredibly fun to do. By applying the theory to the 'virtual' practice, the knowledge will stay much better. We are all excited about this.

Rob Bergmans GGZ Rivierduinen

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