Onze 360 VR Tour brengt onze expertises van 3D en VR doeltreffend samen!

Make your project interactive!

A 360-degree VR tour gives viewers an interactive impression and gives them full control of the viewing direction. Viewers find themselves in the centre of the modelled room or environment.

By putting on a pair of VR glasses, your target group can explore the inner workings of the project, experience the depth and atmosphere, and turn options on or off.  This will spark enthusiasm for your project among potential buyers or investors.

The VR tour can be offered as an application for the GearVR and/or as an application that runs on your project website. We developed an application for the GearVR tour that runs on Samsung GearVR on a Samsung Galaxy phone. The quality of this tour is higher with better resolution and hardware, making it suitable for sales meetings, open days or real estate firms.

For the web-based VR tour, we created an online application that can be used with cardboard VR glasses. The application is accessible on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Cardboard mode can be activated at the press of a button, making it suitable for use with cardboard glasses. People can use their own phones.

The 360-degree photos, shot on location, combined with the 3D model creates a comprehensive image of the new situation.

Possibilities with 3D visualisations:
Why choose us?
  • More than twenty years of experience
  • Knowledge of all 3D packages
  • Maximum results using your existing models
  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Customer satisfaction score of >8
  • Solution-oriented and flexible
  • Super-realistic with an eye for detail

Kop van Hoog te Zwolle – Penthouse A6

Beweeg met uw muis (of vinger voor mobiel) over het beeld om rond te kijken en via de hotspots rond te lopen.

Bekijk deze tour hier in volledig scherm.

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They created outstanding and super-realistic impressions by truly understanding the customer. They are fast, solution-oriented and offer an excellent price-quality ratio.

Piet van SlochterenVan Wijnen

The Virtual Dutch Men helps us sell our projects faster and better with 3D and VR presentations. They draw on the latest innovations to improve our sales process and our customer satisfaction.

Gert Jan Ten BrinkeRoosdom Tijhuis

They know how to bring projects to life by creating a beautiful visual of what it's going to look like. These visualisations help our customers envision the atmosphere and the ultimate experience.

Lars van EngelenSnippe Projecten

It takes initiative, courage and insight to create spot-on impressions for large tender projects. Excellent availability, great collaboration and solution-oriented.

Sytse Jan Zoodsmaarchitect Wind Architecten Adviseurs

Their visualisations really appeal to our target group. Together, we are able to create the right atmosphere, details and experiences. The partnership was defined by a quick response time and pragmatic and accessible communication.

Evert SlootenArtica

Jeffrey Lingmont
Studio Director
Lead Designer

Tel: +31 (0)546 57 35 33

If you want to convince potential buyers, renters or investors of your real estate project and generate early commitment and support, have us develop a 360-degree VR tour to make your project more accessible.

Ask Jeffrey for the possibilities: