Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality: combines the best of VR and AR!

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Mixed reality: combining dimensions for a smart and impactful solution!

Mixed reality combines virtual reality and augmented reality to blur the boundary between the physical world and the virtual world.

An entire environment can be identified with the help of mixed reality. This technology also makes it possible to display virtual elements in the environment or display a different version of reality. These digital elements can then interact with the environment and each other. Together, the high quality of these technologies ensures that a virtual element in the physical environment looks incredibly lifelike.

Your project could also benefit from mixed reality. We can create a dynamic world of information or add visual elements to your project.

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Why choose us?
  • More than twenty years of 3D expertise
  • More than five years of virtual reality experience
  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Customer satisfaction score of >8
  • Target group as our starting point
  • Coherent and solution-oriented
  • Realistic eye for detail
  • Iterative design process

Practical cases

Case Rivierduinen

Verbeterde brandoefening met virtual reality

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Case Roosdom Tijhuis

Virtuele beleving maakt koperskeuzes inzichtelijk

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Approach & proces

When virtual experiences were first being developed, they primarily focused on experimentation and entertainment. That stage has long since passed, leading to a mature technology. Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality offer opportunities for instinctive action, clear and fast insights and increased engagement. Together with users, we evaluate the technology for its added value. This allows us to achieve maximum impact for your challenges and business processes.

Quick learning and application through a virtual experience is the starting point. We take an iterative approach and can scale up during the development process. From concept to end product, we move from user experience and data to a virtual experience together with you.

The Virtual Dutch Men develop creative and carefully considered VR solutions. Their curiosity, enthusiasm and passion for virtual reality is infectious!

Thomas van ElsEnliven 3D

The Virtual Dutch Men helps us sell our projects faster and better with 3D and VR presentations. They draw on the latest innovations to improve our sales process and our customer satisfaction.

Gert Jan Ten BrinkeRoosdom Tijhuis

They introduced us to the concrete application potential of virtual reality and showed us what was possible. They also developed the content in small, iterative blocks, making it easier to understand.

Karijn DelenNationaal Archief

They showed us possibilities that we never could have imagined. They translated our challenge into a targeted VR scenario that helps our employees practice their emergency response skills in a more realistic and interactive way.

Rob BergmansRivierduinen

Their virtual reality demo immediately convinced us of their approach and the added value for our complex construction project. They know how to use the existing 3D models to get the most out of virtual reality.

Sander van de MeerLumc

The latest innovations of the Virtual Dutch Men make them VR pioneers in the Netherlands. They have an undeniable talent for applying the latest experimental VR technologies.

Gijs den ButterSense glove

Bart Kok
Creative Director

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