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Work together without boundaries

Connec2 is a virtual collaboration platform that allows you to have a lifelike social experience. Imagine a virtual extension of your workspace in which physical boundaries disappear.

Teleport as your digital avatar to the virtual workspace to start collaborating together. It doesn’t matter where you are, Connec2 makes you feel present at any meeting.

Connec2 offers an accessible β€˜XR as a service’ solution. Instead of developing expensive XR software from scratch, Connec2 allows teams to effortlessly meet, publish and share content. This way you can easily start implementing XR today.

Regardless of whether you are in the design phase or already have a product on the shelf, there is always added value to be achieved with Connec2.


"Excellent and
super realistic

By putting themselves in the customer's shoes, they develop well-thought-out excellent and super realistic impressions. They do this quickly, solution-oriented manner, guaranteeing an excellent price/ quality ratio."

Piet van Slochteren

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